Player: Tamlin
Current job: BLM57/WHM28
Primary character
Gender: M
Race: Hume
Face picture:

Allegiance: Bastok
Rank: 5

Current mission: 5-2 - Xarcabard, Land of Truths
Current ZM mission: ZM1 - The New Frontier
Current CoP mission: 1-2 - Below the Arks
Current ToAU mission: ToAU2 - Immortal Sentries

Job levels
Warrior 19 Monk 14
White Mage 42 Black Mage 57
Red Mage 17 Thief 13
Paladin 9 Dark Knight 5
Beastmaster 12 Bard 9
Ranger Samurai
Ninja Dragoon
Summoner 9 Blue mage
Puppetmaster Corsair

Crafting levels
Fishing 0.0
Woodworking 5.9
Smithing 2.0
Goldsmithing 8.0
Clothcraft 4.0
Leathercraft 1.0
Bonecraft 1.0
Alchemy 2.0
Cooking 5.0

Thormin is a late joiner.
He joined the world of Vana'diel April 2010, and is therefore still young of age.
He does currently venture the world of vana'diel as a Black
mage, and will also get in contact with his white side to maintain
the balance, and also be true to what ying yang symbolizes.

As he is a late joiner, he does know his limitations regarding not
knowing his way around, not having his books filled with useful
information, and the fact that a lot of other people will have
taken on and perfectet his choice of work.

But as he is a hume, and a rather flexible one, he will gladly train
other skills as well to be able to learn and take on other jobs if
that is what is needed of him.

He will always long for the name of Tamlin, but as that was
given away before he was born, he could not recieve that

Thormin's master do have long experience from similar worlds,
and in the world of Azeroth and Northrend, he have gotten to know
the ways of the mage and the priest - which in many ways can
be similar to the two jobs - BLM and WHM - that Thormin have
taken up, and will therefore also be able to hopefully train
Thormin in a good way. 

That said, Thormin is really excited about moving along in the
world of Vana'diel, experience what a wonderful place it is, as
well as getting to know his comrades that he hopefully will
venture together with in the world of Eorzea.