Player: Lisu
Current job: WHM25/BLM12
Primary character
Gender: F
Race: Hume
Face picture:

Allegiance: San d'Oria
Rank: 3

Current mission: 3-1 - Infiltrate Davoi
Current CoP mission: 1-1 - The Rites of Life

Job levels
Warrior Monk
White Mage 25 Black Mage 15
Red Mage 8 Thief
Paladin Dark Knight
Beastmaster Bard
Ranger Samurai
Ninja Dragoon
Summoner Blue mage
Puppetmaster Corsair

Crafting levels
Fishing 4.0
Woodworking 0.0
Smithing 0.0
Goldsmithing 0.0
Clothcraft 4.0
Leathercraft 0.0
Bonecraft 0.0
Alchemy 0.0
Cooking 4.0

Total noob, but slowly learning. Most important game command is /follow Zistus :D