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Character details



Job Level Mastered Event status Gearing status
BLM 99 Primary event job Primary job for gear
DRK 99 Primary event job
SMN 99 Primary event job
BLU 99 Primary event job
SCH 99 Primary event job
COR 99 Secondary event job Secondary job for gear
RDM 99 Secondary event job
PLD 99 Secondary event job
WAR 99
MNK 99
WHM 99
THF 99
BST 99
BRD 99
RNG 99
SAM 99
NIN 99
DRG 99
PUP 99
DNC 99
GEO 99
RUN 99

Omen scales

Omen bosses Nesya wants killed:

First choice: Kei (SCH, BLM, WHM, RDM, BLU)

Second choice: Kin (WAR, MNK, PLD, DRK, SAM)

Dynamis Gear Choices

Zone Jobs
San d'Oria BLU, DRK
Bastok BLU, DRK
Windurst BLU, DRK
Jeuno BLU, DRK

Aeonics Progress

Aeonics overview coming soon. For now click the edit button to see your status.

Dynamis wave 3

Dynamis wave 3 jobs: Black Mage, Dark Knight, Blue Mage, Scholar

Is backup character?:

Windurst Bastok San d'Oria Jeuno
Mask clears
Boss clears

Registered drops

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